My relationship with food has drastically changed over the past several years. I’ve always been a foodie, exploring new dishes with curiosity. When approached with a new ingredient I was always excited to experience its flavors and aromas, discover what characteristics it brought to each bite. Food was a world all its own, it was fun and relaxing.

Once I realized that food was what made me so incredibly sick almost a decade ago, I become leery of food. Not just new food, but old favorites, comfort dishes that I used to curl up with now was met with critical eyes and distrust. I removed gluten, whey and soy from my diet, and although my body was thankful and my health returned… my joy of food was gone. Cooking became science instead of art, safety took the place of exploration.

Gradually I developed a new relationship with food. I began to appreciate the healing properties of ingredients and had a new wonderment of how our bodies responded. My nursing degree helped me to understand the science of ingredients, and my love for food helped me create the art of new dishes. When we opened our brick and mortar bakery, my mission was to share this relationship with other people that felt confined by food. I wanted to bring abandoned enjoyment back into their kitchens- to help them feel free around food instead of cautious.

Our bakery was loved by so many, and we loved them all back. Our little store was a hub of stories, of lives altered by diet, all seeking some freedom. We helped anniversaries be a little sweeter, and first birthdays a little more joyous. Weeknight dinners were more normal with a prepared pizza from our freezer, and our donuts on Saturday mornings made the world a little more right.

Through the years of our bakery, I missed the exploration of ingredients. We eventually became producers of food instead of explorers of ingredients. We tirelessly pursued marketing opportunities, sampling events, competitions, all to make a sale to keep that door open. I realized one day, I was running ragged trying to run a business when what I really wanted to do was share a passion.  The sheer existence of a brick and mortar was so high maintenance that I had to turn away from my passion, the entire reason I opened the danged store.  I remember when my partner and I first started dating, our date nights were filled with conversation over a simmering stove and chopping veggies. Not everything turned out, but we tried new food, intriguing recipes, and found a connection by sharing a fork. There was no pressure, just curiosity and love. This is why I’m so excited about our online community and new baking mix line. The curiosity and love get to come back into our kitchen. The mixes are a sure fire way for you to explore and play in your kitchen. Create an amazing pizza with all of the toppings you love. Give a whirl at decorating a double layer cake, our frosting recipes will make you feel like a pro! I’ll play in my kitchen and bring you the good stuff every week. Join us on our adventure of learning about food as a healer, and share in the discovery of new ingredients and recipes.

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In good health,