About Us



Eating gluten, soy, and dairy free is tricky when you’re a foodie at heart. In my former life, food brought so much joy. But with it came pain. Seven years ago my body rebelled. I hurt everywhere. Hugs from my kids hurt. I couldn’t drag myself out of bed. My brain was foggy.  My body was swollen all the time. The doctors worked me up for bone cancer... multiple sclerosis...lupus...lyme disease...all negative. They finally settled on fibromyalgia... with IBS...with ADHD....and depression, and they medicated me for all of them.

For the next three years my symptoms got worse, medications increased, and I gradually lost me. I missed my life.

I tried gluten free eating. Three weeks later all my symptoms were gone and meds were kicked to the curb. Thanks to food testing, I discovered gluten, whey and soy sensitivities.


I felt alive again, back to being my sassy self! But I craved many of the foods I left behind. This is how Free Love Bakery blossomed. Everything I bake is food I missed when I began eating gluten-free... soft sandwich buns...frosted sugar cookies...thick pizza crust... chewy bagels. For the love of all that is awesome...REAL FOOD!

Free Love Bakery. You’re free to love and share your food with friends and family again!  We offer more than just baked goods.  Our storefront boasts Take & Bake meals, allergy friendly salads, bulk baking ingredients, plus a great variety of classes.  We're looking forward to pouring you a hot cup of coffee and getting to know you!  We'll help you fall in love with food all over again.  Stop by and see us in the Portage Plaza, we're in between Colonial Kitchen and Old Anchor.