Free Love Bakery Gluten Free Bread Mix

Free Love Bakery Gluten Free Bread Mix


Gluten Free Bread Mix that is soft, not crumbly or gritty. Mix makes one standard 9x5 inch loaf, or can be used to make artisan boules or baguettes. 

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Gluten free bread does not have to be gritty or crumbly! Our bread is soft and can handle your favorite sandwich toppings. French toast and grilled cheese are back on your menu. You can even adapt the mix to make a Mock Rye!  This mix is incredibly easy to work with, you can even mix it by hand if you'd like. No kneading or special bread tricks necessary.  Mix it up in 10 minutes, raise it for an hour in your bread pan, bake it for an hour, and then enjoy warm, soft bread! Use this mix to make sandwich bread, mock rye bread, artisan boules, even baguettes. 

Mix ingredients: 

Tapioca starch, Brown Rice, Sorghum, Xanthan gum, instant yeast, salt

What you'll need: 

2  eggs
1 TBSP  honey
3 TBSP  oil of choice
1 1/3 cups Hot Water